Manny Samra
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

"I don't feel like it's a job, but more of a passion..."

I have been a makeup artist & hair stylist for the past 14 years and I don't feel like it's a job, but more of a passion. I'm grateful to love and enjoy what I do on a daily basis, I have a variety of diversity work in represented in my portfolio from Bridal, Film, TV commercials and other industries.

I have sheer tenacity, flair and the creative skills to make people look and feel as wonderful and incredible as they want to be.

Not only do I embrace but enhance the beauty of each individual with my keen eye to attention to detail, I also bring out the best of their confidence, which always feels so rewarding and refreshing to see.

I have met some truly amazing people along my journey and have made some good friendships from these experiences. I feel it's extremely important to feel good and show confidence, so looking good always helps to boost that which then makes pretty faces become happy faces.



I love travelling to different countries and locations for my clients as there's always something new to see and learn.

Years of experience

With over 14 years experience in the hair and makeup industry I feel I now have the creative skills and experience to really make you shine.

TV Film & Media

  • GHD France
  • Velux Windows - Fond Films